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A bilingual school

The ‘sensitive period’ between the ages of 0 and 6 years old, is the ideal time for a child to learn languages. We have two teachers per class (Maria Montessori uses the term ‘educators’), one who speaks solely in French and the other solely in English.


As such, the children do not take part in classical ‘English lessons’ but are immersed in the language throughout the school day. They learn the vocabulary, the accent and the musicality of the language without having to make a concerted effort, and even without realising it themselves.


We wish to further develop the bilingual character of the school by twinning with a bilingual Montessori school in London to allow exchanges between children, and a shared approach to pedagogy, with a view to exchanging teachers. This would also also provide the possibility of school trips to London for the children of Jeunes Pousses.

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