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A Montessori Education

The educational aims of Montessori Paris Jeunes Pousses follow the philosophy of Maria Montessori and strive to help the children to develop to their full potential. Children have an irrepressible need to explore, to reflect and to discover. They possess a spontaneous curiosity. 


The educators at Montessori Paris Jeunes Pousses put all their energy into guiding the children towards academic acquisitions while respecting both the pace of each child, and the concentration of the class. We are aware of our responsibility as adults and put every measure in place to offer the children an orderly, welcoming, warm environment with all the educational Montessori material necessary for the study of reading, writing, mathematics, motor skills, practical life and personal development. For the older children, geometry, grammar, science, botany, geography, music and graphic art are also introduced. 


Children are, for humanity, both promise and hope. The objectives of Montessori Jeunes Pousses Paris 19 are to develop within each child self confidence and joy, autonomy and free choice, creativity, respect for others, adaptability, a sense of initiative and self-discipline.

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