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Our school is lucky enough to have access to a vegetable garden. The children are encouraged on a daily basis to discover horticulture, botany and insects - to plant seeds, and watch flowers and herbs grow. This is also an opportunity to educate the children about biodiversity and respecting the environment, as well as a tool to develop their senses (taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing).


In general, Jeunes Pousses is a ‘green’ school. The children are introduced to sorting waste materials, composting and recycling, as well as to saving water and electricity. The children are also taught about the cycle of the seasons.

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We are currently working to establish various partnerships (for workshops, school trips and visits) with community leaders who are sensitive to sustainable development, environmentalism, and recycling. Likewise, for school meals, we are continuing to look for caterers who offer organic food where possible.


We are also currently working with local figures who have spaces for permaculture, aquaponics, greenhouses, beehives and hen houses in order to benefit and educate the students of Jeunes Pousses in the highest spirit of Montessori pedagogy.

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