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Our bond with families

The private bilingual Montessori Jeunes Pousses school intends to create a close bond with the parents who register their child. (And this even in times of health crisis!)

Daily: parents can speak with their child's teacher because she is the one who greets the students every morning. On this occasion, an exchange can take place without hindrance. The parent can say if there has been a particular event in their child's life or ask any questions they want.

Monthly: Parents receive a digital newsletter featuring photographs of children at work and providing details on classroom news.

Twice a year (at least): parents are interviewed with their child's educator to take stock of their well-being, behavior, Montessori learning and equivalences with the expectations of the common base of the 'National Education. Throughout the year, the educators and the director will make themselves available for an interview as soon as the parents feel the need.

Twice a year: group meetings in the evening are organized in the school so that all parents can meet and discuss. It is also an opportunity for the Jeunes Pousses team to talk about Montessori pedagogy (for example: how we learn to read in Montessori) and our method of learning English in immersion.


Regularly, at the beginning and in the middle of the year, you will receive photos on your phone of your child discovering this or that material. We know that it is a great pleasure for parents to have news in pictures of their child in his school environment.

At the end of the year: At the end of the year, we will send you a written report listing your child's Montessori learning, put into perspective with the common base of National Education.

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